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Full Name: Melanie Janine Brown

Nickname: Scary Spice

DOB: May 29, 1975

Birthplace: Leeds, England

Born Melanie Janine Brown on May 29, 1975. From a young age, Melanie B took dancing and acting lessons. She was accepted to the Intake School of Performing Arts. At Intake High Mel B was one of 30 students selected every year for special training in dance, drama, and music. She continued with courses at Leeds College of Music and Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Some of her past jobs include being a aerobics instructor and telemarketer.

On September 12, 1998 she married Jimmy Gulzar and divorced him in January 2000. Her daughter, Phoenix was born on February 19, 1999.

Melanie B quotes from "Real Life, Real Spice"

"I dislocated my knee twice at school, once in the middle of a dance class. It just popped out. I was screaming, 'Get it back in!" so loudly it echoed around the whole building. Luckily the ambulance came quite quickly. The other time it happened was during a performance, on stage in front of all the parents. I was doing a duet I'd choregraphed using strobe light effects and we were wearing really cool trilbies. When my knee went, one of the teachers tried to lift me off stage, but he was really thin and couldn't manage it. It was a bizarre moment. I was told I would never dance again, but of course I did."

About attending Northern School of Contemporary Dance:

"I learned a lot, but it wasn't challenging enough for me really. And because it was a contemporary school, you had people saying things like, 'I can feel the music through my fingernails,' all the time. I'd say, "Just shut up and dance,' but no one really got my sense of humour."

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