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Friday August 25, 2000

To the screencaps I've added 32 wonderful quality images from the "Out of Your Mind" and "Tell Me" videos. My fav screencaps from OOYM are the Action!Victoria pics. Thanks Erick. The OS has announced the name of the SG album today, it's called "Forever". I voted for this title too, I think it's the best. Congratulations to all the winners of the competition! Click here to watch a message from the Spice Girls about the album. A new site is in the featured links, you can vote for new MP3 every week. The site comes in Portuguese and English versions Check it out. The MP3 with Dave from the Foo Fighters singing Wannabe was hilarious!

Wednesday August 23, 2000

Lyrics and Articles
I updated the lyrics page with the "Goodbye" EP. I found a couple of articles about the Spices here and here. E-mail me if there are any broken links in the multimedia section. I plan on restoring the audio and video sections and the photo archive this weekend.

Tuesday August 22, 2000

The Power of Four
I added Mel C, Emma, and Victoria new pictures. Watch "A day in the life of Mel C" video 4. The OS has a new contest. Guess the title of the 3rd album have a chance to win one of the 10 signed copies of the upcoming Spice Girls album. The actual album name will be announced on August 25th. Mel B's official website is up, check it out at www.melanie-b.com See a new promotional photo of the Spice Girls here.

Out of Your Mind #2
Victoria's first single "Out Of Your Mind" has entered the UK Charts at #2. OOYM was slightly winning the race all week, but Saturday sales finally managed to get "Groovejet" ahead. Victoria now holds the record for most copies of a solo single sold in one week by any Spice Girl. Click here to see a (Windows Media) performance of "Out Of Your Mind" at club Eden in Ibiza.

I wanna know what you think. Drop me a line or stop by the MB or Gbook.

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