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  It's a celebration, motivation, generation next.... 
My name is Dana and I'm a 16 year old female (GIRL POWER!) from the USA. I've been a massive Spice Girls fan since 1997. They are my favorite music group and an inspiration.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for this site e-mail me at danasw2@yahoo.com

Spice Girls Generation was started in July 1999, it was basically one page with a few Spice Girls pictures and my favorite Spice links. Spice Girls Generation Information was launched in January 2000. I redesigned the site in February 2000 and resigned it again in March 2000 changing the name back to Spice Girls Generation.

After May, for a few weeks I basically gave up on the site. Then I started redesigning the site to make it bigger and better. The current design was completed in August.

I don't have snapshots of the first and second version but here is the third:

and the fourth:

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