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  It's a celebration, motivation, generation next.... 

C3 Victoria Webchat - October 2000

ok ..we're about to start!

 Jake Howard: The last couple of years have been quite hectic. What things helped you keep you sane?

Victoria: My family helped me keep sane and meeting the fans make us continue working hard.

 Dimitris Psycharis: Which is the best place you have ever been to???

Victoria: My home. Because I am away working alot it's nice to be at home with my two boys.

 Dina: What are the main ingrediants in a Spice Girl?

Victoria: Hard working, individuality and positive attitude.

 Dave: I live near to Lanes theatre arts which I think was where you learned to dance, was it a good atmosphere there?

Victoria: I did have fun but I'm not sure knowing what I know now if it was the right place for me.

 Phil Goulden: How much fan mail do you get each week- are you able to read it all- and do you ever reply to it? Thanks

Victoria: We get lots of fanmail to our fanbase but then I also get alot to my Mum's house and she tries to answer everything. If you want to hear from us you can sign up for spicemail on our website. www.spicegirlsforever.co.uk

 Jessy: Which words can Brooklyn already speak

Victoria: He can say lots of words, Mama, Dada, Football, Momouse, Tweenies, Po-Pat and scumbag! He points to his head and says mind mind. He does animal noises, says aeroplane, bike and bus.

 Luis: Why are you the fire in "let love lead the way" video. I´m sorry for my Eglish. xxxluis

Victoria: No particular reason. There were four elements. I was a bit put out that I was wind in Holler, I wanted to be Air, sounds much nicer than Wind.

 Jenn: hey. I was wondering what you do before you go on stage to preform?

Victoria: We all hold hands and wish each other luck.

 A Ali: If you could change the past and have written any famous song from the past, which would it be?

Victoria: I'd have written a classic song that would always be played for ever and ever, for example, The Beatles, all of them.

 Lilian: Are you careful of what you say or do you like to say whatever comes to your mind no matter what?

Victoria: I do have to be careful. I do have a habit of opening my mouth and jumping in with both feet and humiliating my husband at times!

 Stephen Thompson: I've just bought the new Spice girls single and I love it and I was just wondering what I can expect from the spice girls album and your solo album?

Victoria: The album is going to be fantastic and we're really excited about it. You can hear it on our website next week, so log on.

 Victoria de Kergommeaux: What is the nicest present you have ever received from a fan, or the fan experience you remember the most?

Victoria: It's always great to meet our fans. Today is a great day because I've got two fans here and we're having great fun drinking strawberries and eating champagne!!

 NATALIA F.: what s the most expensive thing you ve ever bought?????

Victoria: My house.

 sam: do you have a fitness routine?

Victoria: No, I never go to the gym. My exercise is running after my baby.

 Saskia: What was your favourite subject at school?

Victoria: Art. I used to like drawing still life, not people but objects.

 Victoria (for real, it really is): Honestly, I wanna know what it is like to be married to the sexiest man alive, and to be a part of the most amazing music phenomenon that ever existed...do you have to pinch yourself everyday to make sure your not dreaming? We have a kickin' name don't we!

Victoria: I am the luckiest woman in the world but let's not forget that David's pretty lucky too! I am very lucky and sometimes I think I am dreaming.

 Mark Evans: how much was your house?

Victoria: Lot's of money, I try not to think about it too much. It's still not finished but I can't wait to move in.

 Kate: First of all Victoria i would like to congradulate you on your new solo career!! my question is what is your favourite piece of clothing at the moment? keep spicing along love kate xxx

Victoria: Some Vivienne Westwood wedges, they go with everything.


Victoria: She hasnt asked me but if she did I would love to. I will have collaborations on my solo album but I'm not sure who yet.

 Leesa: Victoria, I love the natural color you always wear on your lips - what color is it and who makes it? Is it a gloss or a liner and a gloss? I am DYING to know!

Victoria: It Mac spice lipliner with Body Shop lip balm on top.

 nizar kamal: what has been ur worst and best day in the spice girls life? love.great song

Victoria: Being in Spiceworld is always good fun. We have lots of ups and downs when we're away from home. We always have fun fun fun.

 angel c.: ARe you going to dress up for Halloween? what are you going to be? What will you dress Brooklyn up as??

Victoria: I'm going to dress Brooklyn as a pumpkin, I'll be Morticia Adams and David will be Freddy Kruger coz he's got a stripey jumper.

 beaver: what's the greatest lesson being a spice girl has taught you?

Victoria: It's brought out my personality and made me some very close friends. It's given me girl power.

 David: How long are you gonna be, 'cos your dinner's ready!!

Victoria: I'll be as quick as I can babe. Give Brooklyn a kiss, I'm talking to my fans at the moment. xx

 laurensliem: what is the biggest thing youve ever done for charity?

Victoria: I raised alot of money for the meningitis trust and myself and David do alot for many charities quietly and privately.

 Melissa: What CD is in your CD player right now ?

Victoria: My solo album which I am working on at the moment, the Spice Girls album, Lenny Kravitz and Toni Braxton.

 Giulio: What are your worst bad habits that get on the other girls' nerves?

Victoria: I'm on the phone to David all the time.

 EssiElina: What would you do if a hairdresser completely ruined your haircut=

Victoria: Wear a wig or shave it all off and do a David Beckham, which makes you very aerodynamic which David is living proof.

 Daniela Bunton: How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Victoria: Lots and lots. I havent counted.

 Sandrine: When was your best holidays ?

Victoria: Earlier on this year, myself and David and Brooklyn went to Tuscany and it was fantastic.

 Keith: Was your interest in Garage music sudden or have you alway's enjoyed it? Did it have an influence in choosing an RnB style for the current album?

Victoria: I've always loved Garage music and we co-wrote everything on our 3rd album. We all love RnB and Pop and our album is where the two meet.

 Daniela Bunton: in your opinion, who is the best dancer of the spice girls?

Victoria: All the girls are good in different ways. We are all trained dancers.

 Steve: I'm sure you're grateful to all your fans, but aren't you scared of the FREAKS out there aswell, who completely idolise you and threaten Brooklyn?

Victoria: I am aware of this but you have to live your life as normal and just be careful and sensible and yes I am very very grateful to all my fans.

 lucy: was there a lot of pressure in creating the third album? did you feel you had a lot to live up to?

Victoria: We just wanted to do the best that we could. We worked at our own pace and we are very very pleased and happy with how the album turned out.

 Stan: Talking about having the most perfect man! What do you think of the other girl's boyfriends?

Victoria: I love all the girls boyfriends and all the girls seem very happy which is the most important thing.

 Helen Manley: you and emma looked fantastic at the vh1 awards, who is your favourite designer?

Victoria: I love Dolce & Gabbana. Nowadays I design clothes and get them made. I have a great guy at the moment Wale who designs and is also a stylist. I work very closely with him.

 alia: honestly,which football team do u like the most?

Victoria: I would have to say Manchester United.

 alia: honestly,which football team do u like the most?

Victoria: I would have to say Manchester United.

 swifty: 'what's your view on the state of pop music following recent remarks by elton john, bono damon albarn and george michael that today's bands are too cheesy. does your battle with westlife prove that pop music is very much alive?

Victoria: Nobody could ever say that the Spice Girls as a group or individually are cheesy but I must admit there's alot of terrible British Pop Music at the moment.

Thankyou for everyone who logged on, thankyou to all the fans who bought holler/LLLTW, we've got an album out on the 6th - we hope you all go out and buy it... lots and lots of love Victoria.X

...and that's it, thanks victoria ...and lets hope it's a number 1!!!!!

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