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C3 Melanie C Webchat - October 2000

Hi! It's 6.25 and we'll be chatting to Melanie in just a moment...

 Luciana Beatriz: Do you still remeber your first autograph? Remember the person who asked for it? How did you feel at that moment?

Melanie: I remember my first few autographs. My first one was at a roadshow. People were just being polite because they didnt know who we were, I think they just wanted 911s!!! It felt really strange, the strangest moment was when i was having dinner with my friends from home and someone came over and asked for my autograph, I just felt really silly and my friends had a good giggle.

 Jess: Of all the writers and producers you've worked with(both for your solo and Spice Girls projects), who did you enjoy working with the most and why?

Melanie: It's really difficult to say because I have quite different relationships with all of them. Matt and Biff are really good friends and we've worked with them since day one and we're really close to them. Marius de Vries and Rick Rubin were some of the sweetest guys I have ever worked with but everybody's been cool.

 laura jayne: i saw you in your glasgow concert and you were pure class! do you actually see the people in the audience or just a crowd of faces and lights?

Melanie: First of all Thank you very much. I do see alot of people in the crowd. In different parts of the show I see different people as it's lit differently but in Never Be The Same Again I see everybody.

 Dane: I love your hair! where do you get ideas for such nifty styles, and are madame tussards mad at u for changing?

Melanie: Yes. Mdm Tussards are very angry as not only have I got new hair styles I've also got new tatoos!! I just like to experiment with different styles and colours but my friend Jennie always advises me on what suits me best.

 Cassandra Ball: What is the best cure for a hang over?

Melanie: Beans on toast and a mug of tea, or another beer!!

 sharon: if you werent in the spice girls who would be your fave spice and why?

Melanie: It be probably be between Mel B and Emma cos they've got attitude. But I love them all.

 maga: a big hello here from peru! I wanna know what do u think about englands football performance in the last games? and good luck with liverpool, because manu will win again :P

Melanie: I think England's performance has been quite poor over the last few years which is very frustrating because we have such good players and Kevin Keegan will always be a god in my eyes. Man U, Whatever!

 spicey fan: Which spice girls song do you enjoy performing the most?

Melanie: I'm quite into the new ones, but Wannabe is always fun.

 Cassandra Beveridge: If you were doing a show for charity what charity would you do it for?

Melanie: There are quite a few charities that I actively support and my next single, If That Were Me, is going to be for homeless charities. I also support Marie Curie Cancer Care, Linda McCartney Centre, The Haven Trust, The Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, Patron of Disability Sport - I couldn't choose, I would give the same amount to each one.

 ss666: i love your t-shirts, where do you get them? are you starting a collection of those too?

Melanie: The T-shirts I wore on my UK Tour were all made especially for the tour. I chucked them out at the end of every gig.

 sharnie: Hey mel, what is ur most treasured possession??

Melanie: Probably my flat. It's my first real home since I left home.

 Collette Gibbs: When you were younger and you had posters of your favourite singers on your bedroom wall, did you ever think that one day kids would have posters of you on their wall?

Melanie: I always hoped.

 kirsty: where oh where did you get those fab jeans from that you had on when the spice girs sang on the national lootery. Mel B also has a pair which she had on smtv live, they have frayed back pockets, are quite baggy and turnup. I must have a pair or life just wont be worth living.

Melanie: They're very expensive Alexander McQueen jeans which I don't own and I had to give them back!

 DAVID PASTOR: what dou you like the most about your three "sisters"??

Melanie: They are very supportive and a good shoulder to cry on and they're always loads of fun.

 Lisa T: I was just wondering what your favorite rock band is and what type of music are you listening to these days? Cuz the music on your CD is quite different then the Spice Girls stuff that you do.

Melanie: My favourite rock band is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

 Debs: I'm starting a campaign to get girls football in schools, what do you think about this idea?

Melanie: I think that's a great idea. At my school we had a football team. Go for it.

 scott: Hi Mel! Who is the hardest Spicie to buy a Christmas present for?

Melanie: Victoria's the hardest because she get's everything for free anyway!

 Alexa Stabler: If you could invite any 3 people to dinner who would they be?

Melanie: Madonna, Phoenix Chi, Dan from Tomcat.

 Birthe: Do you create all these cool tops on your own?

Melanie: No.

 Sergio Martin: What perfume do you use?

Melanie: Gucci Rush

 hippy chick: Whos your fave film star?

Melanie: Bruce Willis.

 becci: Will you ever consider releasing a duet with your mum Joan?

Melanie: I haven't really thought about it. Do you think it would be a bit naff?

 hollie ferguson: If you wre to be stuck with anyone in alift who would it be and why?

Melanie: My boyfriend.

 Tracy G.: How's the busted foot feeling these days?

Melanie: It's getting alot better thank you very much. I'll be back on top form shortly.

 kim: What was it like singing with Bryan Adams?

Melanie: I was very flattered that Bryan asked me to do a duet with him. Now he's a really good friend and we hang out.

 Anna-Lena: Would you go into the Big Brother House?

Melanie: No way.

 Victoria Haigh: Mel, i wanna buy some new trainers, got any good suggestions? Seems as your the trainer queen!

Melanie: I love Nike Air Max but right now I'm into Adidas Shell Toes, there are some really good colours in the shops.

 nichola ball: if you could be a fly on the wall for a day where would you go and why?

Melanie: I'd go into all the tabloid offices in Fleet Street and I'd puke on all their food.

 Kayleigh: Hiya Mel, What song are you to be releasing next and why have you chosen that song??!! Laterz

Melanie: My next single is If That Were Me and I'm releasing that one because it's about homeless people and all the royalties will go to various homeless charities around the world.

 Lumpy Adams: Would u ever buy a place in America? and if yes where?

Melanie: If I had enough time and money I'd love to buy a place in Los Angeles. Because I had lots of fun writing my album out there.

 helen: if you could change anything in the world what would you change ?

Melanie: I'd like to rid the world of poverty and racism and make Liverpool FC win everything.

 limey: Melanie you are constantly touring - how does this affect u emotionally because i imagine it must be pretty draining! Take care out there!! :)

Melanie: It's very emotionally and physically demanding but it's worth it and you value your time off.

 Eva: Who is your fave boyband?

Melanie: Tomcat

 Laura Sturt: do you ever recongnise people in the audiance at your concerts?

Melanie: Yes. There's alot of fans that come to alot of gigs and they become quite familiar. I never used to be able to look at the audience because I was too nervous but now I'm dead nosey!

 Sharon: What do u prefer doing, intimate gigs or the venues?

Melanie: Intimate gigs.

 Irene: I think every woman is a Spice Girl at heart. Do you agree?

Melanie: Yes I agree. There have always been Spice Girls even before we came famous.

 Anne: What's you're favourite song on the new album?

Melanie: I love every track on the new Spice album. My favourites are Let Love Lead The Way and Weekend Love.

 Angie Hung: Are you still shy or have you been able to overcome most of your shyness?

Melanie: I think growing up and being successful has given me alot more confidence.

 beccibex: In what direction of music will you take your next album?

Melanie: Who knows...I'll go where the music takes me.

..and that's it! Thanks Melanie!

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