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C3 Melanie B Webchat - October 2000

Hold Tight!!!! Melanie will be here any moment.

She's here!!! get ready for a Q'n'A!!

 Mariska Botter: Hi Melanie! How does the Holler video look like? does it has all 4 elements in it just like Let love lead the way? Bye and thanks for answering me! Mariska from Holland!

Melanie: Yes, it does have four different elements. I'm fire; Melanie is earth; Emma's water and Vicky is air. It's very, very futuristic and it's very funky. We had a great time doing it.

 caroline tweddle: What do you think of Geri's music?

Melanie: I don't particularly like it, but I think she's doing really really well, so I support her in whatever she does.

 Sarah-Lee: You and all the rest of the Spice's always have such a laugh together so, Do you miss being as close to the rest of the Spice's like you were in the beginning when you started out?

Melanie: We're still very close. Emma was round at mine the other day for a Sunday roast! We're all going to go and see Melanie at Shepherds Bush and Wembley. We always hang out. Just because we're not always together publically doesn't mean we're not close personally. We are and we always will be.

 Dale Williams: First of all i have to tell you i'm a huge fan of yours and the spicies music and i think you are all individually excellent. Right question time. I have wrote several songs. Some ballads and some dance lyrics. What makes a great song writer (Like yourself and the other girls?) See ya!!

Melanie: I think that what makes a great songwriter is when you write from personal experience - whether good or bad - and you tell a story.

 Samantha Gilligan: Do you think the spice girls are going to stay together?

Melanie: Yes, because not only do we manage ourselves and have a business together, we're best friends.

 Jayme: How do you feel knowing that the band changed so much sinse 96(geri leaving,having a baby,rumors) do you ever wish that you could go back to 96 97?

Melanie: You don't really notice that a band is changing because in time, you yourself change. As for going back to 96, I don't think any of us would do that - it's too long ago. As for all the other stuff, it's all just part of growing up. We've all helped each other through any personal or professional rumours. We're always there for each other. even though Geri hated us halfway through a tour, we still don't hate her, we still support what she does. We've all stuck together, so that any disasters which have happened have made us closer, instead of making us drift. That'll never end. We're going on tour next year and everything will be hunky dory.

 Kia: Where did the spice girls go?

Melanie: We go round to each others' houses, we go to friends' houses. We hang out with our families. We go out for dinner. I don't think any of us do that much clubbing any more. Me and Emma went through a bit of a mad clubbing time. But we don't get mobbed when we go out; people might ask for your autograph or buy you a drink, but that's about it. You get left alone. People are nice - they've got a lot of respect for you. But I don't go clubbing any more. the weekends I've got off I just want to spend with Phoenix.

 Jen Clay: The Spice Girls' are obviously a "girl band." Who is your favorite "boy band" and why? We love you!

Melanie: I think the Backstreet Boys are fantastic. I think Next are really good. I think Drew Hill are fantastic. There are loads of good groups. There are some really good Americans one, too.

 nicky: Mel, If you and the other Spice's were locked in a house 'big brother' style which spice girl would you nominate first, and, why?

Melanie: Well, Emma does a lot of sleeping; Vicky does a lot of phone calls; Melanie does a lot of meditation and relaxing. So I'd probably have nominate myself as I'd be running around like a headless chicken, because I'd be so bored. But actually I don't think we'd nominate any of us out because we enjoy spending time together.

 Trisha: How does it feel competing with the other girls in the chart??

Melanie: We don't compete with each other; we support each other. We're all doing very different styles of music. So it's not about competing. How can you compete with a friend?

 Richard Stratton: I love your new SPICE GIRL video, the theme is very "deep" as you have a 5th element fell to it, where you each repesent an wiccan element Air Vicky, fire mel b, earth Mel c and water Emma why did you choose this feel to the song? Is it about the four of you merging and forming a stronger bond? yours Richard Stratton 19 Ireland xxx

Melanie: You've got it - that's it!

 devin: I'm so excited to hear you girls are coming out with a new album! I know you've all been busy with stuff in England but here in the USA we haven't seen any of you guys in over 2 years! I want you back! Make America a priority! We love you! How are you going to balance your solo and spice girl career?

Melanie: Because we manage ourselves, we get to manage our own schedules. So it's not a problem. If anything clashes or we get too tired, we cancel. But we won't be cancelling anything in america! We'll be touring there next year, so see you then!

 David McCleese: Will "Goodbye" appear on "Forever"?

Melanie: Yes, it will!

 Jasmin Grohn: Do you have any pre-rituals to do before your going on stage?

Melanie: We always do this little secret thing between the four of us, to do with our hands and channelling each others' energies. But I can't tell you what it is. It involves swearing as well! It lasts about four minutes.

 Paul Manners: Will the Spice Girls be touring America to promote the new album?

Melanie: Yes - next year!

 anwar alam: where do ya buy ya fab SPICE SHOES coz me girlfriend wants a pair?

Melanie: We used to all buy them from Buffalo, 'cus we were all into Buffalo trainers - apart from Melanie! Then we all hitched onto this shop called Gina, that do a lot of high heeled boots and so on. They're opposite Gucci on Sloane Street. And Shelly's do some good stuff - a good combination of everything.

 Wiebke Hustedt: Which was your best perfomance with the Spice Girls?

Melanie: Probably Wembley and Madison Square Gardens. Earls Court as well would probably be up there.

 Chris Park: How do you decide who will sing what when you have written a Spice Girl song?

Melanie: It's quite easy really because we've all got different vocal ranges. Emma and Melanie are high and me and Vicky are low. So it's easy.

 Chris: What is the hardest part of being a spice girl?

Melanie: there isn't one really, because it's not like you put it on in the morning. You are what you are and we're Spice Girls whether we're at home chilling or on stage doing our thing. We totally enjoy everything we've got and we're all grateful.

 Stacey Taylor: Whats the worst question you've ever been asked in an interview?

Melanie: 'How did you five get together?'

 Cassy Muir: was it more fun working on this album than the other two???????? ;0)

Melanie: They've all been fun. But for this one, me and Vicky brought our children, so it was a bit of a creche vibe going on as well. So it was a bit more chaotic and we all had a thing for getting donuts from Dunkin Donuts. we don't have that over here, do we? We recorded this one in Miami. One day, the rain was so bad that the studio flooded and we had to get carried into the studio!

 enisa: are the spice girls going to do another world tour

Melanie: Yes - next year!

 Rotem: will the spice girls reliese a x-mas singel?????

Melanie: Not sure at the moment - you'll have to stay tuned!

 James: Is the name of your single Holler or Holler Holler?

Melanie: 'Holler'; just the one!

 william parsons: which one of the spicegirls do you see the most?

Melanie: Probably emma at the moment, because she's doing a bit of babysitting for me. she lives round the corner from Phoenix's dad, so it's quite easy.

 Angi: will the spice girls present a fourth album? or is the third album the last?

Melanie: The new album is definitely NOT the last, but we'll be on tour for a long time so I don't imagine the fourth album will be for another year or so.

 Lauren: If you could take one of the Spice Girls away with you to a desert island who would you take and why? And what would you take if you were only able to take one thing?

Melanie: I can't really answer that. I'd take Melanie's sense of humour, Vicky's long legs so I'd look good in a bikini on the beach, Emma's eyelashes and eyes cus they're really piercing. And I'd take my daughter.

 David Dalton: Hi Mel, Now that Geri isn't a member of the Spice Girls how do you feel about going up againt her solo material? Cheers, David

Melanie: It's not about beating anyone, it's about getting your music out there and people liking it.

 Joseph Velasco: If you weren't a famous spice girl what do you think you would be doing right now?

Melanie: I think I'd be involved in the music or entertainment industry in some way.

 Franky: Have any of the other girls been the inspiration for any of the tracks on your album?

Melanie: No, because my album's been more about me and my relationships with different people, not about my relationships with the girls cus that's all cool and sorted.

 Dennie: After the release of "Forever," do you think that the Spice Girls will be able to make the critics eat their words? And also, I'v heard that the third Backstreet album is supposed to be released around the same time. What are your comments on that?

Melanie: We've been making the critics eat their words since 'Wannabe' - when critics said we wouldn't release another single! so I think we've done enough of that. What's more important to us is to give more of the Spice Girls to the fans and hope they like it. And as for BSB - good luck to em!

 Shannon Lehn: Are you and the other spices really good friends?

Melanie: Yes, we are very good friends!


Melanie: Because we were taking time off. Melanie was touring her album, I was writing mine. vicky had a baby, I had a baby. A lot of stuff's happened - hey, we've written another album and made two videos, too!

 Fl r: this is a question about the spie girls. what 'naked' is about?

Melanie: 'Naked' is about baring yourself so much that you feel naked. You can stand in front of a room of ten people and you feel like you've got no clothes on. You feel vulnerable and exposed.

 David: Melanie, what is your favorite track on the new Spice Girls album and why? What is your favorite track on your album

Melanie: 'Weekend Love' which is about when you have a bit of a smooch with a guy at the weekend and he thinks it's a big deal whereas all you wanted was a bit of a fling! But girls are often in control and have to say 'sorry mate, it was just a bit of weekend love - nothing serious.'

 TIM CHIPPING: Can you see the Spice Girls becoming like the Rolling Stones - still going when you're 50+?

Melanie: Well, we don't do rock! But we will be going for a very long time.

 Caroline: Is it true that the Spice Girls r breaking up?

Melanie: No we're not! You should never believe anything you read in the papers other than the date!

 Dustin Bourque: If you could have another name besides "Scary Spice" what would it be? Thanks! I love you!

Melanie: That nickname is nothing serious. TOTP magazine came up with those names and they've stuck - but I like mine!

 megan: How does it feel to working with the girls again.

Melanie: We never stopped working together. But being back in the studio again was fantastic - we had a right laugh, and proved to ourselves that we still had it!

... and that's all Melanie's got time for! Thanks Melanie, and thanks to you for all your questions! Sorry Melanie couldn't answer them all.

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