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C3 Emma Webchat - October 2000

Hi!! It's 6 o'clock and Emma's here! We'll be starting in just a moment.

 Gordon: how would you describe the new album in 5 words?

Emma: Fun, sassy, cheeky, sexy and Spicy!

 Alexander: Will the new Spice Girls album only sound like rnb or will there be the same happy pop as before? Alexander/Sweden

Emma: Definitely. Even though it's gone into RnB, it's still got lots of pop. It's grown up a bit, but not too much. It's still fun and exciting. It's still something you can really dance to.

 josh: what is your favorite song on the new album

Emma: 'Let Love Lead the Way', because I'm a big ballad freak. But then I like this other track called 'If you wanna have some fun', which was produced by Jam and Lewis - great track - kind of old skool!

 Francesca: You do travel a lot all around the world:which is the city or the country you love the most?

Emma: I'm a big fan of Italy. I've been to Tuscany a lot and I love Rome. I love food, and that's the best place for food - so Italy it has to be!

 lorenad: are the spice girls planning to make a new movie? because I think that the first was cool, and ill like to see you again in the movies

Emma: It's not something we're thinking about at the moment. We all want to try different things individually. I'm looking at different scripts. But Spiceworld was a one off. Completely unique!

 Florian Bayer: Which kind of music do you like most?

Emma: My mum brought me up on Motown, but I love all types of music: RnB, pop, soul, Mozart! Anything good in its own right.

 Jessica From Washington D.C.: How has it been living on your own w/o your mum?

Emma: Well, I'm a woman now, so I have to be a little bit independent, otherwise I would have lived with mum until I was about 50!

 Lucy Davis: Hi Ya Emma. Did you ever get annoyed seeing your face all over the newspapers, magazines, televison... etc?

Emma: hi Luce! At first I did, and I used to get upset about some of the things written about me. But now I just think that people have got a job to do. I'm in the public eye, so I can't moan about it. Sometimes you look through the press and it's great, and sometimes you look awful and you cry!

 saskia bril: Hi emma! l really wanna know what your favourite website is.Can you help me out? lots of love, girl power forever,Saskia

Emma: Definitely the Spice Girls, and c3!!!

 Michael Beltran.: Hi Em, Where did you and the Girls get your inspiration from for the new tracks of Forever? They are Wicked!

Emma: The inspiration came from growing up a bit, having babies about us, becoming women. And also our fans, who wrote us lots of letters when we were writing the album. That gave us lots of inspiration - so thanks guys!

 Joe: Hey, i really miss u guys here in the u.s. please, when r u going to come and spice up my country??

Emma: I'm gonna be over in New York and Canada this week!

 Gio: Hey Emma! How are you? Well, my question to you is: How does it feel to actually be part of one of the BIGGEST girl bands around? Can you belive that there are MILLIONS of people who know your name? Or do you still need more time for it to sink in? Thanks!

Emma: I still find it very hard, but I feel very lucky to be doing this, and to be doing it with my mates!

 Katy Hutchinson: When will your solo album be released?

Emma: Hopefully next March, so keep an ear out - it's wicked! A bit of RnB, but quite a lot of guitar - and quite folky. it's even got some country on there.

 Debbie: What was the last concert (besides Melanie C or Spice Girls) that you have attended? What artists or groups would you like to see that you haven t?

Emma: I missed out on the Janet Jackson tour which I really wanted to see. The last one I saw was Britney. She's very clever, very talented, and really knows how to work the crowd. I loved her!

 Enisa: What is your fav. movie?

Emma: I love films like Dirty Dancing and Grease - great classics. And an old film called Pollyanna, starring Hayley Mills.

 Katrina: I've been hearing that Jade and you have been engaged and was wondering whats been going on with you two??

Emma: Not at all - we're not engaged. We're dating, having fun and hanging out - but who knows?

 CAthleen Yoo: Hey Emma!! You have met many famous people in your life...Who is a celebrity that you always dreamed of meeting as a child but not had the chance to?

Emma: One of the main ones I met that I always wanted to meet was Stevie Wonder. But I've never met Goldie Hawn and would really like to. Maybe one day!

 Enrique "BoyMan" Borges: Hello! I've got some questions about your solo album: *How many songs will be on the album and *What's the title of album??? Thanks a lot! Kisses from Brazil (We're waiting for ya!!!)

Emma: I've got some ideas about the title, but I can't give them away just yet! There will be 11 or 12 tracks on the album, because I've written so many that, although I originally said there would only be ten, I had to include more!

 A Spice Girl Fan: In Mel B's webchat she mentioned that you sleep a lot. I was wondering around how many hours a day do you sleep?

Emma: I'm a bit of an evening girl. I tend to stay up late but sleep until the afternoon! And I always work in the evenings in the studio, because that's when my singing is best. So that's my routine.

 Ben: If you could sing any song in the entire world on stage, what would it be?

Emma: I've always dreamed of performing '2 Become One' on my own acoustically.

 Ohad Ziss: Hi Emma! greetings from Israel! I wanna ask you how is it to be "Baby Spice" and if are you still like this?

Emma: I love being Baby Spice and yes I am still like that! Baby Spice is fun, cheeky and a bit naughty, but I get away with it!

 Victoria: What do you do to relax?

Emma: I lay in bed, watch TV and eat pizza! Or read.

 David Pearson: Hey Emma.I was wondering how long it takes to do your hair when you have to put in the hair extensions and everything.

Emma: My hair's a nightmare. It takes so long to do because it's quite thin.

 Fiona: I'm a huge Spice Girls fan and can't wait for the new album but it's being released on the same day as westlife's new album. What are your views on that?

Emma: I think we're very different - but for me with music it's never really a battle. There's so much good music out there.

 Christina: Do you ever get bored of singing?

Emma: No, never - I love singing! I sing all the time - in the bath, in the shower!

 Michele Vieira: Hi Emmy.What's the thing you wanna answer but people never asked you?

Emma: Oh, I get asked everything!

 Laura: Laura - What age did you go to Silvia Young`s and was it fun! Youre no1 fan!!!

Emma: I went when I was 10 and loved it! I had loads of friends there and everyone is so supportive of everyone else there, especially when you go for auditions - there's no competition. I'd really recommend it.

 Jamie-Bobs: Hiya! Why is the track "Woman" not on the new album??

Emma: I know - I love it too! So don't blame me! But the sound has moved on since we recorded it.

 jessika anne: hi emma ,i was wondering if you like singer like Britney Spears ,Christina Aguilera,Jessica Simpson,Mandy Moore??

Emma: I think Britney's great and Christina's a great singer. I'm a big fan of her voice. They're all very talented girls. I'd like to see them try something a bit different...

 Kareem: Hi Emma! Are you planning a solo tour for your solo album?

Emma: I'm not planning it yet, but I'm sure I will be.

 Natalie: Did you watch big brother? If yes who did you want to win?

Emma: I did watch it! I liked Craig and Darren. I really cried when Darren left!

 julius ivan cabigon: How do you "assign" which girl sings this or that part? I'm really curious about that so i hope this question gets to you. thanx!and luv from the Philippines!!=)

Emma: It actually comes very naturally. When we write, we know which part suits our different ranges.


Emma: Jamie, we're going to be around as long as you want us to be. We've still got lots to achieve. And we all enjoy working together so much.

 Tiina: What's the best piece of music you've heard this year?

Emma: I like the song 'Crazy Love', but it's so hard to listen to other stuff because I've been concentrating so much on the Spice album and my own album.

 Kfir Mazor: Do you think the Spice Girls will release a Xmas single this year? Kfir

Emma: No, not this year. We've got these 2 singles out now, and we'd all like a Christmas holiday!

 Al Fox: Hi Emma. At the moment, it seems the tabloids are giving you the least hassle out of all the Spice Girls. What does it feel like when you see your best frineds getting unfairly dogged while you're not getting much grief at all?

Emma: It's horrible. It's like happening to your sister. But I'm sure one day it'll be me. But all you can do is be supportive.It's no good to fight - you've just got to take no notice!

 Baby spice: Hi Emma!Do you ever want kids when you see Victoria with Brooklyn and Mel with Phoenix?

Emma: Yes - I'm really looking forward to having children. But not yet - maybe when I'm about 28! I'll be ready then.

 Tara: What have YOU been doing on your 2 year break? thanks you rock:)

Emma: What break? I know it seems like we've been away a long time, but we've been writing the album, I've been writing my own album and presenting SM:tv and VH-1 shows, and I've been doing a lot of charity work for ArtStart and Chicken Shed Theatre Company - so I've actually been busier than ever!

 Nathan: Many, many years from now, what do you want your fans to remember you by?

Emma: I hope they remember me as a nice person, good fun and a good singer.

 Elina: Hey Emma! What was the nicest spice video to make?

Emma: Actually, the last two, because we had such a laugh. I enjoyed 'Say You'll be There' but I got sun stroke and fainted!

 Viral Bhayani: This is Viral, journalist from India. I would like to know if you girls are planning to come to India? Any memories of the last visit during the channel v awards? Have you been listenning to any Indian music lately? Any Indian music influences on your record?

Emma: I'd love to come back - and to see more of it, bacause we had such a good time there! Channel V really looked after us - and the fans there were great. And yes, I love Bhangra! Mel B keeps saying it's coming back. I'm sure there's Indian influences on the record, yes!

and that's all we've got time for. Thanks Emma, and thanks for all your thousands of questions! Sorry we couldn't answer them all!

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