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Albums : Singles

Spice was the highest selling album of 1997 in the United States and the most successful debut album ever in Great Britain. It has sold over 25 million records throughout the world and counting. It was the biggest selling album of 1997 in the US, selling over 8 million in the States alone. It was even awarded "Best Album of The Year" at the 1997 Billboard Music Awards. Debuting at #1 on the US Billboard charts set the record for the Spice Girls as the only British group to ever do so with a debut album - not even the Beatles could claim this!

say you'll be there
2 become 1
love thing
last time lover
who do you think you are
something kinda funny
if u can't dance


Spiceworld was released in the UK and around the world on November 4, 1997. It debuted at #1 in the UK and remained there for weeks. It debuted in the United States at #8 due to low first week sales, but sales quickly and steadily increased and sent the album to it's peak position at #3 for a few weeks. As a follow up to the biggest selling album of 1997, critics hadn't expected it to be successful, but the album's new and very different style made Spice fans everywhere very happy. The Spice Girls say the tracks on the album were influenced by the many different countries and cultures they became aware of as they traveled throughout the world over the past year.

spice up your life
too much
saturday night divas
never give up on the good times
move over
do it
viva forever
lady is a vamp

Northern Star

Melanie C released her own solo album in 1999 and along with it came a brand new, punk-influenced image. Leaving the more familiar pop music to the Spice Girls, Melanie filled her album with rock and even some punk styled music. The title track, "Northern Star," is a beautiful ballad, while the first single off the album, "Goin' Down," is a very punk-influenced song. The album was welcomed by critics as a relatively good effort, It was released in the UK, October 18, 1999 and November in the US.

Northern Star
Goin' Down
I Turn To You
If That Were Me
Never Be The Same Again
Suddenly Monday
Ga Ga
Be The One
Feel The Sun

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